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Pulau Ketam


Buruh, tani, mahasiwa, rakyat miskin kota
Bersatu padu tuntut perubahan
Bersatu tekad dalam satu suara
Demi tugas suci yang mulia

Hari-hari esok adalah milik kita
Terciptanya masyarakat sejahtera
Terbentuknya tatanan masyarakat
Malaysia baru tanpa ORBA

Marilah kawan Mari kita kabarkan
Di tangan kita tergenggam Arah bangsa
Marilah kawan mari kita nyanyikan
Sebuah lagu tentang pembebasan

Di bawah rezim tirani
Ku susuri garis jalan ini
Berjuta kali turun aksi
Bagiku satu langkah pasti..
Berjuta kali turun aksi
Bagiku satu langkah pasti..



Journey to Pulau Ketam, Malaysia

Journey to Pulau Ketam, Malaysia
(Crabs island in Malaysia).

Video by SAM


Since Tanah Melayu was conquered by Japanese, a lot of people flee to Pulau Ketam, because it was safe and peace from war. So the population boomed. At the time, “Hai Ann Ferry” company provided ferry Services to the population.
In 1950’s, the diesel engines and new fishing net had been introduced to this island, thus improving the fishing skill, increased the captures. The number of residents, houses, shops had increased tremendously. Soon, The Pulau Ketam Electric Company was built to provide electricity supply for this island.

Pulau Ketam, It is a small island located off the coast of Klang. Almost 80% of the villagers are fishermen. he population of Pulau Ketam is around 6 to 7 thousands.

All buildings are built 3-5 feet from the swampland. During high tide, houses look like “floating on the water. The population in Pulau Ketam village reached its peak of about 20 thousands in 1980’s. The villagers were consisted of Teochew, Hokkien and some Hainan.

Seafood is a natural wonder of this isle, and Pulau Ketam is renowned for fresh crabs, prawns and fish. It is indeed a seafood gourmet’s paradise!. Tourist spot: Nang Thiam Keng Temple, Hock Leng Keng Temple, First Bridge, Pulau Ketam Jetty, Kongsi House, Fish Dealer Centre and Fish farm.

Ghost Festival
The 7th month of Chinese Calendar is Ghost Festival. It is believed that ghost in hell has one month “holiday”. People will prepare some food to “feed” the hungry ghost, burn some “money” for them. Temple will organize chanting rites for ghost.

Pulau Ketam was desolated, small island full of “Mangrove Swamps” and famous for its crabs. Three Hainan fishermen from Bagan Hainan, Port Klang, were the first to arrive at Pulau Ketam catching crabs for their living. At first, the came and returned to Port Klang daily. The journey took almost a day. A few month later, they built a small house to stay over nights. They rowed back to Port Klang the second day selling crabs and buying daily sundries it return. After that, they had decided to stay permanently.

In 1883, the population increased almost to hundred. The Major activities were catching crabs, fishes and prawns. Some of them built sundries shops, and fish dealer shops. As time past, population increased gradually, the Hokkien and Teochew Group also came to this island to earn their living. They stayed at Jalan Besar, Sungai Dalam and Bagan Teochew. Wooden house name “Kongsi House” were built. (“Kongsi” Mean Sharing). Those who were than 20 “Kongsi House” in this island. Now, every villager had his own house, thus the “Kongsi House” became a history testimony.