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Rahsia disebalik pintu penghasilan Fujifilm

The people at Fujifilm open doors to the secret processes behind the creation of the X-Pro3 mirrorless camera, as told through the eyes of its ambassador, X-Photographer Mindy Tan. Intermingled with exclusive interviews and footage, Fujifilm’s camera creators and managers, reveal for the first time its team dynamics, beliefs and history in this 90-min documentary. It also features nine popular X-Photographers from all over the world who open up in their home environments to discuss what being a photographer and being connected with Fujifilm means today. Featuring Eric Bouvet (France), Patrick La Roque (Canada), Kevin Mullins (UK), Jonas Rask (Denmark), Charlene Winfred (Iraq), Megan Lewis (Australia), Rommel Bundalian (Philippines), Zack Arias (USA) and Mindy Tan (Singapore). Directed and filmed by Palle Schultz Scripted, interviewed and narrated by Mindy Tan. ~~~~~~~~~~~ From the director Camera Punk is the result of a year long journey into the lives, minds and attitudes of Fujifilm and its ambassadors. The title describes strong minds with a bleeding passion for photography and art, underlined beautifully by Senior Manager Shin Udono who said: “This is not a digital device, this is a camera!” I hope you will enjoy the film Kind regards Palle Schultz

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