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FJM Talk Terengganu 2019

Me with FJM founder Chot after photojournalism Tips and Knowledge talk at Duyong Marina Resort Terengganu 2019

27 July 2019. Photo talk with Samsul Said X-Fujifilm Malaysia. A big thank you to @duyongmarinaresort for providing the good place & eating/drinking and @fujifilmmy Thank you to all sponsors! YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING!!! 1- Tourism Terengganu : arranging talk and sharing session Duyong Marina Resort, Bot Penambang and everything you have done for us throughout this event! 2- Duyong Marina Resort : Mr. Shazni and Ms. farhana for giving full support in talk and sharing session. 3- Meteoryte : sponsoring certificate, landyard and breakfast pack. 4- The Strategic People : Mr. Taquddin. For sponsoring the printing of the certificate of appreciation in Jawi for Amirul Johari Ricoh and Samsul Said Fujifilm. 5- Ailand Creative – Mr. Asro for sponsoring tshirt printing (untuk Ustaz Azhar Idrus dan Chottouch) 6- i-kal design :mr.zaidi for sponsoring Khat stickers to Fujifilm and Ricoh 7- Ricoh team : tshirt Ricoh 8- Fujifilm team : Mr. Chua. For letting us testing the Fuji camera and sponsoring USB and notebook. 9- Kalangin Travel Agency : Mr.Amir. untuk bas yg awesome! (But not sponsored ye) Sorry for everything yg terkurang sepanjang program ini dijalankan. Semoga korang semua x serik lagi utk join our next program. So let us focus on KLPF 2019! Hope you guys could join the talk by FJM. 

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