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Muslim in Malaysia Via Steller


is a multiracial country with a population that currently stands at 32 million, of which approximately 60 percent are Muslims.  Malaysian Muslims generally follow the Shafi’e school of thought. Mosques are part of the ordinary scene in Malaysia and are as much a cultural icon as a religious one. Islam is an integral part of the Malaysian Malay culture, so much so that many Islamic rituals and practices are associated with the Malay culture. Many words in the Malay vocabulary are borrowed from Arabic words, such as ‘dunia’ and ‘haram’. It is also quite common to see Malay women here donning the hijab or headscarf. The earliest evidence of the arrival of Islam in Malaysia was discovered in Terengganu, in the form of an ancient inscribed stone locally referred to as ‘Batu Bersurat’. Dated 1303 CE, the stone tablet with Jawi (Romanised Arabic) script on it stands as proof that Islam had arrived in the east coast region of the peninsula long before Parameswara embraced Islam. THE heritage of Islam in science and arts is clear evidence that Islamic concepts are compatible with the present and future aspirations of the Muslims. The success of Malaysia in building a vibrant economy and a cohesive national identity from a patchwork of cultures has shown that Islam guides its believers toward knowledge, progress, tolerance and good governance. -

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