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Taman Tema pertama di Malaysia – (Memories of Mimaland)

Mimaland started operating in 1971, Mimaland was built on a hilly area of 300 acres in Ulu Gombak near Kuala Lumpur. Mimaland’s construction was done in phases and the theme park was opened in stages. Mimaland’s first phase was completed in 1970, and consisted of 24 motels, 5 chalets and a swimming pool. Among the main attractions, was the ‘prehistoric animal park’ containing dinosaur models of a very impressive size. In January 1993, a 27-year-old Singaporean was killed while using the giant slide at the Mimaland pool. The incident shocked the public and resulted in a temporary closure of Mimaland. After improvement was done to the giant slide, Mimaland was reopened. However, a minor landslide caused damage to the walls of the same pool in May 1994. This incident caused muddy water to seep into the pool, causing the area to close to the public. Mimaland was closed permanently in 1994. (

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